A Portfolio of Solutions 


Explore our diverse range of work. Each project is solved using a cross-pollination of solutions, ideas, and experience to create a truly unique design solution. 

Office/ Corporate Design 

From accounting firms, construction companies, real estate offices, insurance firms and the Boy Scout office, Interior Environments has the width & breadth of experience to address the communication, productivity, ergonomics, and space utilization issues critical to office environments.  Your solution will make your office interior a visual mirror of your company, as well as a productive and stimulating place to work.

Retail Store Design 

Fully versed in the science and art of consumer anthropology ("how we shop"), Interior Environments, Inc. will create a retail design solution that uniquely attracts your target customers to your specific products by space planning, lighting design, and interior elements.

Financial Institutions 

Reflecting the important values of stability, community support, customer care and confidentiality - Interior Enviornments, Inc. understands the banking industry challenges and solutions and how important a correctly designed facility is to success.


Whether it is making sure interior finishes will look great for a long time, or specifying furniture that helps create the image your menu and vision have Interior Environments, Inc. will use it's experience to help bring your project in on time and on budget.


The design of non-profit organizations and houses of worship face unique decision-making and budget challenges.  Interior Environments is capable and experienced at helping these organizations through the design and construction process.


Following strict health safety codes as well as employing design elements that promote healing and well-being, solutions created by Interior Environments will also provide a long-term return on investment in your facility.

Lighting Design

Critical to any type of commercial interior, good lighting design can be an important tool in reaching the design goals of your space.  Using software and a strong knowledge of photometrics, your lighting solution will be unique and energy-efficient as possible

Residential Design

Crutial to any residential project is the comfort, safety, and function for the inhabitantss of the home. The interior spaces should be a reflection of the occupants. Interior Environments, Inc. has a wide range of experience from design projects in high-end homes to managing new construction and remodel projects as well as simply specifying interior finishes. Staging services are also available to facilitate selling real estate.

Client Testimonials 

"I just wanted to thank you again for pushing us to get more flexible conference tables for our Board Room.  It is amazing how frequently that room is getting reconfigured and how versatile it is."

K.C. Walsh, CEO, Simms Fishing Products

• ERA Landmark Realty - Design Excellence Award/Commercial • First West Insurance - Best Office Design • Galusha Higgins & Galusha, Bozeman - Best Commercial Interiors • Rocky Mountain Roasting Company - Best Retail Store Interior

American Society of Interior Designers - Intermountain Chapter Awards

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