Commercial Interior Design since 1992
Commercial Interior Design since 1992

Scope of Services

INTERIOR ENVIRONMENTS is happy to provide any and all of the services below, tailored to exactly what your project needs:



  • Consult with client to identify scope of work and project goals.
  • Evaluate existing conditions and available documentation.
  • Preliminary space assessment for proposed new locations.
  • Assess project resources and imitations, including budget.
  • Identify life, safety and code requirements.



  • Formulate preliminary plans and design concepts.
  • Plan and organize public and private space to best utilize its function (space planning).
  • Incorporate funtional, aesthetic and ergonomic considerations into design solutions.
  • maintain compliance with applicable buildling and safety codes.
  • Develop budgets.
  • Select, design and specify interior architectural finishes and architectural elements.
  • Select , design and specify furniture, fixtures, equipement, art and accessories.
  • Prepare construction documents for non-load bearing interior construction.
  • Design and specify lighting solutions; calculate light levels; light fixture specifications; lighting plan coordination.
  • Collaborate with consultants, specialists, and/or licensed practitioners in the areas of mechanical, electrical and structural design, as required for regulatory approval.
  • Review with and educate client on design solutions and product recommendations.
  • Prepare bid documents for interior products and services.



  • Coordinate information with project contractors, architects, engineers, consultants and suppliers.
  • Manage and/or coordinate the installation of interior archtiectural finishes.
  • Manage and/or coordinate the installation of furniture, fixtures, equipment and interior decor.



  • Review and evaluate construction and installation upon completion, as representative of and on behalf of the client.
  • Prepare a punch list of deficiencies in construction, products and installation on behalf of the client.


Interior Environments, Inc.

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Awards & Accolades

Community Award:   THRIVE community support non-profit


American Society of Interior Designers - Intermountain Chapter Awards:

  • ERA Landmark Realty - Design Excellence Award/Commercial
  • First West Insurance - Best Office Design
  • Galusha Higgins & Galusha, Bozeman - Best Commercial Interiors
  • Rocky Mountain Roasting Company - Best Retail Store Interior


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